Barns of Tennessee – a Photo Gallery

I don’t know if it is true anywhere else, but here in Jackson County, Tennessee if you come across a road that says anything other than Street or HWY after it’s name, it is not a short cut to get where you think you are going.  More than likely you will end up in someone’s drive, yard, or at a gate that is posted with a sign that tells you that survivors will be shot!  Take it seriously, every country boy here owns a gun and they know how to use them.  So I shoot most of my barn photographs from a road, street, or highway.  I have ended up in yards and I haven’t been shot…yet.  Most people are friendly when they see all you want to do is take a photograph of their horse, cow, or barn.  I have never ever crossed a posted sign unless that owner knows I am there and after I have asked permission.  I am afraid to even go into our own woods when it is hunting season.  A bullet will not stop at a property line.

So with this in mind I go on driving trips just to see what I can see and of course my camera is always with me. This photo gallery concerns barns.  In Tennessee there are barns everywhere.  Even in towns.  I have not been all over the state yet, but I have made a good effort.


Lets start with Gainsboro. Very beautiful area. I took a day and just drove around. Gainsboro is located in Jackson County so I ended up at a lot of dead ends. But it was worth it. This particular barn we were thinking about buying, so my daughter and I went up there a couple of times.  The second time the owner happen to be there and he let us onto the property.  This barn used to be a tobacco barn where they dried tobacco leaves. That is the reason for the large loft.


  • Dry Valley Road

    Dry Valley Road goes from Cookeville to Monterey. The road changes names several times but is called HWY 70N all the way through. I am calling it Dry Valley Road here because that is the area in which I took these photographs. As I understand it, there used to be a town called Dry Valley right in here somewhere. No evidence of it now. The Civil War went through much of Tennessee and some towns never came back. I don’t know if that is the case here, but this area is now part of Cookeville. This is a great area for taking Autumn and fog photos. Many of these photos are right on Dry Valley Road. The last four are on a road off of Dry Valley Road. It ended at a great old farm. They had three barns, one looked to be very old and I have never seen another like it. It has the stairs on the outside as shown in the first two photos of this group. They also had an old log shed.

Off HWY 111 North

I was coming home from my sisters on Hwy 111 and I happen to look over to the right.  This farm with gorgeous trees turning yellow were in the front yard.  I got off at the exit and came back on the side road. I took my photos of the trees and decided to see where the road went since I had never been back here.  Behind the house were these green barns plus another barn down the road.

The Green Barns


Yes, there is a Sparta, TN. About twenty miles south of Cookeville. You can easily go north and south in Sparta, but to go east and west, good luck. Main Street doesn’t even go straight through. Maybe at one time it did, but then they built a town square. They have a river that meanders through it called Calf Killer River. I do not know at this time the story behind that name, but when I find out I will put it in a blog.  I think they are just too cheap to build more bridges.  The downtown area is very pretty and interesting. They don’t tear down old buildings, they just change into something else. The high school serves all of White County.

Miscellaneous Barns

These are barns for the most part I can’t remember exactly where they are located. My daughter and I go off on these side roads all the time. I always think I will remember, but I don’t. I may have to start a journal.

I hope you have enjoyed my travels in Tennessee. I hope to get to Memphis or up to the N.E. part of the state so I can show photos from those areas also.

See you next time, Maureen

All photographs and writing in this post belongs to Maureen C. Langford, do not use in any form without permission.

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