My Kingdom for a Horse


Murphy’s Law

I love horses.  I always have.  At fifty nine I still have hopes of owning one someday.  Although I have been bucked off, shoved off and fallen off in every way imaginable.

When I was fifteen I was riding a pony next to where we live.  No bridle, no saddle and the mane had been cut off, but it was fun.  Yes, it was fun right up to when the neighbor boy came over and started  throwing walnuts at me and the pony.  Well, as you may have guessed, the pony did not take kindly to this and started bucking and running. I came off the back side grabbing for anything to break my fall.  Murphy’s law came into affect about now.  I had latched onto a barbed wire fence.   I was half on the pony, half off, so I ended up being drug down a whole stretch. It happened so fast I didn’t realize it until after I landed.  I got up, my hands all bloody, my back bloodied from the rock I landed on, and the breath knocked out of me.  What did the boy next door do?  Ran home, never said a word.

If that couldn’t break my love for equines, then nothing will.  I drive all over the country side taking photographs, I cannot and will not pass up a horse.  Even if there is really so place to pull over.  Thank goodness there isn’t much traffic in the country.  I have lost shots while finding a safe place to park, then walking back.

White County Fair

My grandsons and I went down to Sparta for the White County Fair. After I pried them away from the rides and the food stands we went to look at the animals. Most of the animals were already gone but we were lucky enough to be there right before a final horse show that was scheduled.

The horses were beautiful, all prettied up for the show.

A Shelter for Horses

These photographs were taken at a rescue shelter for Palomino horses. That is what the sign said, but in reality these ladies would take in any kind of horse, cow, pigs, cats; and dogs. I saw all of these somewhere on the farm. Unlike the horses we saw at the fair, all the horses and other large animals had suffered physical abuse in some way. Many still bore the scars. The smaller pet type animals were abandoned, starved or whatever and found their way here.

Sadly this place no longer exists. They ran out of money and had to close down. I am assuming that is what happened. The woman running the place talked with me and told me they were running out of funds. It takes time and a lot of money to heal a wounded horse. This woman and her daughter healed not only Its body but its soul as well before finding a caring home for each. I applaud them and others who take on this kind of thankless work.

I drove by one day and they were just gone. I don’t know where the animals went, I hope to some place as caring as this shelter. It saddened me. It was one of the few times in my life I wished I was money rich.

Country Horses off the Beaten Path

  This last group are horses, that if they lived closer to the city, I would have caused traffic problems trying to get a photograph.  Some would come up to the fence, some wouldn’t.  Every horse has its own personality just like any animal.  They can be patient, gentle, kind, loving or mean, biting, fearful and down right nasty.  If a horse does not want you on its back, it can usually find some way to get you off.  That is why you have to choose the right horse for you.  If you can’t handle a spirited horse, both of you can get hurt.

Someday I will have one of my own.

All photographs and writing in this post belongs to Maureen C. Langford, do not use in any form without permission.


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