September Days Photo Gallery


Today is the last day of September 2012. My Dad’s birthday was last week and I remembered thinking that if I still lived in Nebraska, we would be wearing our coats by now. Being here in Tennessee, I was wearing shorts and a short sleeve shirt. At night and early in the morning it gets down right chilly but in the day it is still summer. In Nebraska, it was always cold by my Dad’s birthday, but you had to dress in layers in case it turned into an Indian summer day, which could be quite warm. I have never had to wear my “winter” winter coat here. These people don’t know what cold is. It is all relevant, the people from South Dakota or Canada were always telling us in Nebraska we didn’t know what cold was. Probably true. I am glad to where I am now. The cold bothers me now, it didn’t when I was young.
Last week I started to take my 2012 Autumn photographs. I first noticed it was turning Autumn when I saw colored leaves floating in a puddle in the drive. I looked up and to my surprise we had a tree right there in the front yard that had red leaves in a small patch. So I took photos.

Autumn Changes couple of days later….

It was sunny and I decided I had better get out and really look to see what was turning. There wasn’t much, so I took a few photos of the spider web that I literally ran into. EEK! I like to look at them and photograph them, but I do not want them on my body…….anywhere. Then I mosied on over to the flower bed that the chickens and the ducks have done their best to destroy. My mum which looked great all summer was split and smooshed. Dang ducks! I planted tulips last spring and they came along the next day and pulled everyone of them out of the ground. They don’t eat them, they just pull them up. The mums they like to lay on and eat the blooms. The chickens are worse, if they see you planting something they run and have to dig a hole and everything is thrown out of the flower bed. You are lucky if you find them to replant them.They are funny though. One day I had four ducks, eleven chickens and a cat following me out to the mail box. I wish I had a photo of that. I have threatened to eat them all. They just smile and run to the flower bed.


September always makes me think of my Dad, he passed away back in 1997. We didn’t have a fire pit. When my daughter was young we would dig a hole out in the yard and make a fire. We would always invite a few people we knew, usually kids from my daughter’s class and their parents. We always had fun. One year after my Dad passed away my daughter and I had a wienie roast and required everyone who came to dress as a pirate and they did! It was the best one we ever had. Aaargh!



All photographs and writing in this post belongs to Maureen C. Langford, do not use in any form without permission.


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