Back Roads of Tennessee – a Photo Gallery

I lived on this street for a short time while waiting to move into my house.  It is a beautiful area.

Inside Cookeville city limits

In case you don’t have a clue, Cookeville is located almost midway Nashville and Knoxville on 40 Hwy. in Tennessee. It is not a large town, but it is a college town so the population fluctuates. I used to live right in the middle but have since moved to the country north of the city limits. It is a quiet town for the most part. Far less crime than most towns..
I will have a later article on other areas of Cookeville that is more in-depth. It has a lot to see. I will give more history on it. Now, on this article I just wanted to show some its beauty of Autumn.
As I said earlier, I did not grow up here, but yet it felt like home the moment I arrived. There is a town that is about thirty miles west of here that I am related to most of the population. I plan to do an article about that also. I need to take a day to go out and get some photos.

Out on the Back-Roads
There are a lot of beautiful places in Cookeville and the surrounding areas. These photographs were not taken within the city limits.
Miller Creek Road and Hunters Cove are two of my favorite places to shoot Autumn. It really is hard to shoot all there is here in Tennessee. I just make sure my camera is with me at all times.

Sometimes when I am driving down these back roads, John Denver‘s “Country Roads” starts floating through my brain. Other times when I have no idea where I am and the road is barely the width of my jeep, I start hearing the banjos from “Deliverance”. That sends a chill down my spine. I quietly lock my doors.
That rarely happens…. anymore. Tennessee people are nice people. At least in the country towns they are. I rarely go to Nashville or Knoxville. I have been through Chattanooga many times. There is a little town down just north of there called Soddy Daisy. Isn’t a neat name? Rolls off the tongue, Soddy Daisy.
“Where are you from?”
“Well I be from Soddy Daisy!”
“Ain’t that something.”
I always picture a soddy field with a bunch of daisies in it. They have a place there that serves the best fried chicken livers you could ever want. I don’t remember the name of the restaurant, but I could drive you there.
Have you ever tried to get directions in a small town?
“Well…. you go down here a far piece and turn left where Mable Johnson used to live, then…..”
I come from a small town, I have been guilty of giving directions like that. If you really want to know, ask a kid, they ride their bike everywhere and know everyone.
“Take me home, now country roads….”


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