You Ain’t Got that Much Charm!

You know who you are!

A semi-funny look at dating and flirting from a jaded woman’s view. Pointed at men who look to put another notch wherever they put notches. Men who let women fall for them then drop them like they have a disease. You know who you are. And if you are not one of these men, don’t try to be.

Granted, there are women out there who are out to take a man for all he has. I am not one of them and I am tired of meeting their counterparts. If you are truly a nice guy then step up to the plate and act like it.

"Oh no you just didn't!"
“Oh no, you just didn’t!”

Source: Google Images

the agony of dating

Don’t tell me you love me,

Instead, tell me you care

Maybe in a year or two,

love comes with time shared

Don’t dare ask for a one night stand

you don’t even know my name.

To call me babe, honey or sugar,

anything but my given name is lame.

When you know who I am

and all I am about

Then “I love you”,

to the world you can shout.

Don’t come to me because I’m pretty

and would look good hanging on your arm

I am not some call girl, and honey,

you ain’t got that much charm.

Don’t be putting that hand on my thigh

Unless you want it back a bloody stump.

I don’t need to tell you

What happens if it gets anywhere near my rump.

See past my outer shell

Inside is what has substance

Shallow men bore me

What draws me in is intelligence.

Hear what I am saying

don’t pretend to be anything but yourself.

Have some common sense

and put that other crap on the shelf.

So men don’t tell me you’re in love,

until the feeling is true.

The response you will get

will only be for you.


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