Flowers of a Different Color

Image Daisies up on the wet, foggy Mountain.

Green Thumb

My mom could grow anything, whether it was in the flower bed or in the vegetable garden. She had everything from African Violets to Zinnias. Her flower beds were a glorious bouquet every year. One year she went crazy on zucchini. We had zucchini stew, zucchini bread, fried zucchini, every thing that year had a zucchini in it somewhere. I have not eaten a zucchini since. After she passed away we discovered we still had jars of zucchini in the basement and she only grew them that one year! The next year was cucumbers. Now sweet pickles, especially bread and butter pickles I can eat till the cows come home. This hub is about flowers, not my moms flowers because I didn’t have a good camera back then.

I lived in a basement apartment of an old house for just short of a year. Always cold, but that is another story. Jim, who was my landlord loves flowers and he had the yard to prove it. From the first tulips in the spring to well into fall, there was always something blooming in his yard. Most of these photos come from his yard.


These are flowers that I didn’t have enough to put in their own group or I wasn’t sure what they were. I marked the ones that weren’t taken at my apartment.


I love day lilies and Jim had so many varieties I couldn’t put them all here. I think I took a photo everyday from spring to fall. You should see my photo files on flowers. Huge! There is a day lily nursery south of here about forty miles I plan to go to. I think they are cheery and so bloomy. Yes I know that isn’t a real word, but it fits.


Daisies are another cheerful flower and they are found most anywhere.


As long as I can remember, my mom had always had tiger lilies, roses and iris’s in the yard wherever we lived. Iris’s are hard to kill. One time we were going to transplant some and my brother sat them down by the back porch steps and then promptly forgot about them. They took root there and did very well even though the soil was mostly rock. My mom used to go to an Iris farm somewhere in Iowa to get her hybrid Iris’s. They were gorgeous with huge blooms. I even did a painting of one of her favorites.


My mom had an on-going love affair with roses all her life. She had climbing roses that grew right beside the front porch on a trellis and when I was a kid, I was always getting tangled in them when I went running out the door. Roses were the only flower that she seemed to have trouble growing. But she tried, year after year. They didn’t die and I thought they were pretty, but she felt that they just weren’t up to her standard of growing.
My mom knew every name of every plant in her yard. I just don’t retain stuff like that. You would think that I would have since I did much of the digging to plant those plants.
These photos are all of Jim’s roses.  He would have liked my mom, they would have been two peas in a pod.

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