I wrote a song

I don’t normally write songs, I write poetry, some story telling, stories about photos I took or poetry about photos I took.  This came to me in a song in my head.  Country song.  I don’t write music but I could hear all the parts.  I don’t know how songwriters do what they do, but this is how it worked for me.  I hope you enjoy.


Just last night he came over
said he’d found who he wanted to see.
He found his perfect lover
and that it wasn’t me.

He said “Darlin’ I love you,
but not in the way you need.
Please don’t you cry now,
you’ll find better than me.”

“Can’t we still be friends?
I know you’ll like her too.
Her name is Diana,
She’s a lot like you.”

I said, “We can do that,
but there is one thing about me.
I am not your kid sister.”
Then I plowed him with my knee.

I don’t want to be a rebound,
I need someone who’s gonna stay.
I don’t need someone’s reject.
I don’t want to be a throw away.

I’ll find myself a real man,
someone looking just for me.
Damn straight I’ll find someone better,
my one, my only….. my destiny.


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