These United States

Can we really believe,
  that we can truly conceive
  to harmony for more than just one day.?
Can our POTUS really try
  not to tell us one lie
  and find us a nonpolitical way?

I hope and pray
  the people get their way
  to keep the sacred constitution alive.
For if we fail
  and all goes to hell
  as a country we won’t survive.

Some people don’t respect
  some need to reflect
  on the ways that have kept us strong.
Too many have gone astray
  some will be made to pay
  for what others have done wrong.

Why is it so hard to see
  as a country we
  should follow the rules written in stone?.
I am afraid someday
  our POTUS will get his way,
  we will be stripped to the bone.

I hope never to see
  the day when we have to flee
  because we, the people have been sold out.
When we start an outcry
  and our people die
  isn’t it too late to have doubt?

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