I was thinking…about Slander, Bullying and Stalking

I got banned over a year and a half ago from Hub Pages.  I was fighting with my brother and his wife. All three of us were banned. Understandably so. I accepted my punishment. I went through my hubs and removed anything that could be remotely hurtful toward anyone.

I asked how long the ban was for, I never got an answer, but three months later I discovered I could publish again. This told me that my punishment was over and I had been forgiven and allowed back into the fold.

I am not quite sure why I was banned this time. I do know that someone who hates me very much came in and managed to get me kicked off. This was a person who had been banned herself months ago. I never had a problem in a year and a half until this person comes back (as several hubbers I might add) and makes my life hell again.

This happened last November.  I like Word Press, I really do, but I had built up a following and because of this person I lost revenue I had accumulated from my writing in there.

I never did any of the things she claims I did. I never wrote a hub about her until she wrote one about me. How do I know it was about me – she actually put my name in her hub, calling me names and saying I stole her copyrighted property. I did not. I repeated something she said in the comments. The comments are not copyrighted works of art. Though she felt it was okay to screen copy my works and send them to whoever she wanted. She also posted my private email address.

I do not understand how I was banned again. They knew I had been banned when they let me publish again. I had not changed my name. Why should I be banned for something they had already forgiven me for?

Can someone please explain this to me?

This has dampened my energy for writing.  I would like to get that back. It is hard to explain how it feels to have such hatred aimed toward you just because they think it is fun to do so.

This couple who claim I slandered them are the ones who are actually stalking and slandering me.  She put up on a local site that I threatened her with guns and knives.  She has told the world I sleep with anyone who will have me.  Is there any recourse to stop this kind of hateful behavior?  Isn’t what they are doing illegal?  I am not the first person they have done this to and I am sure I won’t be the last.


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