My thoughts on Abortion

My thoughts

I read something on Face Book earlier today about empathy that set me to thinking about judgments, religion, my place in the world, others place in the world, abortion and empathy. I will get to all of these, but not all today.

   I think people who commit abortion are selfish, period. For whatever reason. Abortion is simply not normal for a human being to commit. Pro choice people like to cry “What about those raped!”, I would like to know the percentage of pregnancies that come out of being raped. I am rather confidant that would be a small percentage. Lets set that aside for now. What are the other reasons? What is a good enough reason to murder someone just because they exist, because they exist through an action of my own. Through my being careless – selfish. “Why should I go through pregnancy for a child I don’t want?” Why should a fetus go through the pain of being aborted, tossed aside like fat off a side of beef? Why do we cry for the rights of animals we eat and not cry for the pain of a fetus. I wonder if a fetus can feel the anger, thoughtlessness and hate coming from a mother who wants the parasite removed from her body? Maybe that fetus can’t wait to be free of her as well, but then a fetus doesn’t have the knowledge an adult human has, how it will hurt to be torn from someone who in nature is supposed to defend it with her life.
   This may sound cruel but why does that change because of rape? The fetus has no choice but be conceived. If there is a fetus it has been conceived – it is human and should have rights, but no, my selfishness overrides any desire to live by the fetus brought to life. Pro choice cries “Have empathy!” How can they say they have empathy when they see no problem in killing something that cannot voice “I WANT TO LIVE!” Even if they don’t believe a fetus is human yet – it IS alive and has a desire to live. What gives me, a human, the right to say no, you (fetus) will not live because I am selfish and I have plans and you just are not part of that. Why should I suffer because of my actions, why should I be responsible? Why are some people more bothered about being pregnant than committing murder? Murder. Yes, boiled down, that is what it is.
   If you are pro choice and have read this far, I would hope you have empathy for me and try to understand why I believe what I believe. I do not hate women, I am not a bigot and I do understand. I do understand what it is like to be sexually molested, I do understand what it is like to carry, birth and raise a baby on my own. My baby’s father pressured me to have an abortion. I have been there, done that. I would not change a thing. Any “suffering” I may have endured during my life made me a better human, made me able to understand what others have to endure. I will never understand how one human being can end a helpless life, a life that cannot in any way defend itself. How humans claim life on other planets because of a single cell organism they found and will not recognize life in a human body just because it doesn’t start out looking human.

If you have an abortion for any reason, how can you call yourself a human?

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