There is a house down by the bay,
that even by the light of day,
it is a frightening sight.
With the shutters falling down,
the tall grass turning brown,
to the neighbors, it is a blight.

I have heard rumors for years,
that in some – put fears,
that this house had a haunt.
How easily I thought,
some people are overwrought,
but I would not be daunt.

What could make me flee,
I just had to see,
being the fool that I am.
That night I set out,
to see what the mystery was about,
unknowingly, I became the lamb.

The hour was late,
as I passed through the gate,
moonlight had already struck the moist ground.
From the window by the tree,
something was watching me,
unaware, I heard not a sound.

The gate closed with a creak,
my knees became weak,
the muscles in my stomach taut.
To the porch I stumbled,
“Don’t be craven”, I mumbled,
my courage I desperately sought.

I wanted to turn and run,
not finish what I had begun,
I felt compelled to run and hide.
Too late for these thoughts,
as the door handle I caught,
I forced myself inside.

Surveying the hall,
a large portrait on one wall,
a chair covered with a sheet.
In the middle of the room.
a winding staircase loomed,
the air smelled of bittersweet.

I stepped on the first stair,
brushing cobwebs from my hair,
the wood gave way to my weight.
Through my leg the pain shot,
a gasp in my throat caught,
my mind contemplated my fate.

A minor scrape to the knee,
I pulled myself free,
and fell back on the floor.
Then a chill passed by,
and I heard a cry,
faintly, from behind the far door.

“Who is there?” I said,
not using my head,
but then, came a reply.
“Your soul is lost I fear,
why did you come here?”
the voice said with a sigh.

“This house will never let you leave,
your lives shall weave,
the two of you will become as one.
There will be a day,
when comes yet another prey,
and still, it will not be done.”

“Why do you tell me this!”
I screamed with a hiss,
“Why are you lying to me?”
“What I say is true,
and I pity you,
because soon you will be like me.”

Forever roaming these halls,
no one hearing your calls,
none but the foolish dare to come near.
You should have listened to those afraid,
your future you made,
the moment you entered in here.”

Ignoring the lies,
I wiped my eyes,
and struggled to my feet.
Pulling at the door knob,
holding back a sob,
refusing to admit defeat.

To the window I went,
my energy nearly spent,
but the glass just wouldn’t break.
I slid to the floor,
the tears began to pour,
from this nightmare I wanted to wake.

So the stories were true,
why didn’t I listen to,
what the wise elders had to say.
I came to explore,
now I am trapped ever more,
in the house down by the bay.



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