Unrelenting Fog

Fog is so mysterious. It can be scary, wet, suffocating, beautiful, or blinding.  It can hang low or hug the ground. It can look like cotton candy or have spiritual attributes.  However you think of fog, it is always noticeable and thought-provoking. 
Oh fog, hugging to the ground so tight,
you crept into the fields during the night.
Chilling to the bone, the wetness prevails,
loneliness, it’s companion, constantly wails.
Clinging to the trees, their fingers you grasp,
at the rising sun, an escaping gasp.
You roll across the landscape, running from fate,
only to rise higher as the morning turns late.
Hiding from us, beneath that veil,
our imaginations never fail.
Oh fog, oh fog, you mystical sight,
how you cause us such delicious fright!

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