Witches Night Out

WitchesDanceI stood at the edge of the woods,
already the day was well into the night.
My desire to get home more quickly,
overcame my moment of fright.
Starting down the overgrown path,
hoping not to lose my way.
Without the help of the moonlight,
I stumbled through the decay.
Deep within the forest,
I saw a pale eerie glow.
Shadows fluttered through the trees,
I drew nearer till I could see below.
The sight made my heart hesitate,
terror took a firm hold.
Afraid to stay… yet unable to go,
my palms became wet and cold.
I hid behind a large tree stump,
overcome by a feeling of dread.
As I began to comprehend,
I was witness to the dance of the dead
Yellow flames licked the night air,
little demons circled the pit.
Holding hands while singing a chant,
their bodies jerking in a fit.
I wanted to turn and run,
but my feet were frozen in place.
The sorceress lifted her head to moan,
I saw her wicked face.
Her features were distorted,
her pointed hat bent out of shape.
She gave a throaty laugh,
as she threw back her blackened cape.
In the midst of her incantation,
her eyes were suddenly on me.
I knew instantly I had been caught,
I stumbled to my feet to flee.
I ran desperately through the thicket,
my heart pounding fiercely inside my chest.
My breathing had become frantic,
as I attempted to climb the crest.
I felt a hand on my shoulder,
one of her disciples pulled me to the ground.
I tried to let out a scream,
but did not utter a sound.
I crawled back away from the hooded demon,
his face, hidden from my sight.
Still, I felt his eyes staring at me,
I glanced anxiously into the night.
He laughed a deep toned laugh,
“Go little one, run away.
There will be no place for you to hide,
even by the light of day.”
Without hesitation,
I took off through the trees.
Not once did I look back,
even to see if he was following me.
Relaxing, only when,
our little town came into sight.
I looked towards the horizon,
surprised by the first morning light.
Spying the church, I ran inside,
sat wearily down in a pew.
The man sitting in the next seat turned,
“Little one, how good it is to see you!”



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