The Fire in the Sky Keeps on Burning (sunset)

 Racing down the street
The setting sun tonight was glorious. Unfortunately I did not catch the fullest of it, but what I did get was beautiful. The first photo below, to the left, was taken from our yard. We live on the east side of a hill so we decided it wasn’t the best place to get our photos. So we raced up the street to the southwest and I took photos number two to the right and the photo above. Then we raced back to the north west looking for a higher hill. My daughter was the driver, that is why photo number three is a little blurry, but came out neat anyway. She drives like a bat out of you know where.
Going the other way
The sun was diving behind the horizon rather quickly so the first high clear spot we found, we took it.
Notice how the trees to the right of the center look. I have never seen that before. These photos look fake, but this is how intense it really looked. I finally got a photograph without the over head wires in it. I hope someday all poles will be gone and wires are ran under ground.
I have a friend who’s parents live in Montana at the ranch she grew up on. A movie director lived next to them. He decided to make a movie on part of their ranch. He went through and buried all the wires because it was a period movie set in the nineteenth century. So I know it can be done. By the way, her parents and neighbors ended up in the movie as neighbors and friends. This town only had two hundred residents, mostly cattle ranchers. The town grocery store was also the post office and local diner.
Back home
Back to the sunset. The next photo was taken on the way back to the house. Of course we were going a million miles an hour. But the photograph reminds me of a Vincent van Gogh. I like it, so I included it.
The last photo is when we got back to the house.  As you can see, there wasn’t much left. I am not sure if you can make out the barn or not.
It was an exciting fifteen minutes! You have to have the camera ready to go at all times, because you never know…


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