My Thoughts on Being Fat

I find it disturbing that people who think of themselves as human can make fun of a fat person. I used to weigh over 300 lbs. You don’t think I was aware of how much I weighed? You really think I wanted to weigh that much? I quit going out because of uninvited quite rude or crude remarks about my size. From strangers. I got tired of going home in tears. As bad as it is from strangers, it is worse when family members do it. I started avoiding certain members of my family. Being fat is not always about being a “pig” or being lazy.

Sometimes food is an addiction.

   In my case I had a medical disorder that was finally diagnosed. I got lucky. I still have to watch my p’s and q’s but I know I will never weigh 300 lbs again. I know it is in my power to control it now.

  So before you laugh at the photo of a heavy-set person on-line, or at the mall or anywhere, stop and think about how brave it is of that person to even go out in public. To try and enjoy life, like the rest of us. If you have never had a weight problem you should get on your knees and thank God. It is NOT an easy road.



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