My Neighbors House is Burning


My neighbors house is burning, all but ash now. As I walked over from my house, I was worried about the surrounding forest.

We live out in the country, volunteer firemen out here.  This home went up so fast it was gone before they had a chance.  I don’t know if it being a trailer made that much of a difference.

These people lost everything including several of their pets.  I was walking away when a fireman came over to tell the owner he had managed to pull two dogs out.  He did not elaborate on what condition they were in.

I lost almost everything I had back in 99.  Not as quick and violent as this was.  I had to work at not crying right along with the wife as she watched her life disappear.


I am not usually a fire chaser but this lady lived next door to some close friends of mine.  I thought it was their house on fire and I went to see if I could help.  While I am glad for my friends, I am heart broken for these people.  Tomorrow I will try and find out if  the neighborhood is planning anything to help.

When a tornado went through here two years ago, everyone helped everyone.  We are a small community and we care for and about each other.  

I took a short video, you can find it here:


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