The day After Valentine’s Day

Another St. Valentines Day has bid farewell,
yet no love note came that day.
She wishes that she could break the spell
and have a romance come her way.

How she desired receiving a valentine
or the surprise of a rose.
With someone’s life she’d like to intertwine,
but her heart is in repose.

Glancing through the window,
she sees the postman coming her way.
She trudges down to the hollow,
to collect the bills that came today.

At the box she hesitates,
wait! Can this really be?
In the mail arriving late,
is a valentine addressed to she!

Oh joy! Oh bliss! She’s so happy,
a valentine came to she.
And it really made no difference,
that the “addresser” was also the “addressee”! 

Drawing by Andrea Langford Olds when she was 14.Image


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