You say ADD, I say Right Brained

A friend of mine posted a link (see below) to an article about ADHD.  It is a funnier look at one person’s way to deal with it.

I had trouble all through school and I was told not to even try for college.  Now that is just plain wrong to tell someone that. They did not know about ADD or ADHD back then (yes I am that old).  Well, I did go to college and earned a 3.6 grade average.  I thought it was a fluke and thought nothing of it.  This earned me a way into a white collar job.  I was an Engineering Tech.  The worse job for me but didn’t know it.  I thought it was about drawing.  It is, sorta.  It more about math, ew.  But I managed to get my work done and not lose my job.

My daughter started having trouble in school.  The same problems I had.  She would forget her homework, her books, pencils, etc.  I talked to the teacher and asked for her to be tested.  I still didn’t know about ADD/ADHD, but  I knew something was different about us.  The teacher told me (on my mother grave’s, I swear this is true)….that my daughter didn’t have a learning disability, (here it comes)…she is lazy.  I just stared at her.  My daughter isn’t lazy, so I had the testing done on my own.  My daughter and I are both extreme right brained.  I was diagnosed with ADD, border line ADHD later on.  I still don’t know if they are the same.  BTW, not to brag, but I was later tested and have an IQ of 134.  I know it is just a number but it made me feel good knowing my teachers were wrong, wrong, WRONG! I went to college a second time and won a full scholarship and made the Deans list.  Actually got a degree the second time

Here is an example of what it is like being extreme right brained:  I used to come out of office meetings not knowing what the heck they were about because I was too busy thinking about more exciting things than an office meeting.  I did have a sneaky way of finding out – I just borrowed someone’s notes.  The only time that didn’t work was when I was awakened from my stupor by a direct question and an elbow in the side. 

I was like a deer in the headlights and all I could hear in my brain was “what was he saying, oh my God they have found me out and I am going to be jobless then homeless…..what will I say to my mom, she will never believe this.” Then my friend next to me pointed to something on his sheet of notes and I blurted out the answer.  The amazing thing…I was right!  The moral of this story?  Have good friends.

My advice to make it easier? Pick a job more suited to you. Get nice, patient and understanding bosses. I don’t know how I lasted twenty some years in that field and not get fired.  Oh wait! I did get fired once.  That doesn’t count it was more about him being a jerk than my work.  I do extremely well in my element, you take me out of that element, I panic and drown. I stayed at this one job for just under twelve years.  The woman who had tested my daughter and I said that was highly unusual for someone like me.  Extreme right brained people get bored very easy.  Maybe because at that job I didn’t just do Engineering, I sometimes did Architectural, Electrical or even Mechanical work.  I did get variety. but It was very stressful for me most days.  Right brained people use their left brain, but the left side does not share the information until it has the answer.  I did poorly in math because I couldn’t show my work, I had no idea how I got the answer.  I would fail Common Core miserably if it had been in schools back then.  I learned to use colors to help me remember and I knew I could not remember anything verbal, it had to be written down.  I had sticky notes all around my monitor.  We are visual learners.  The computer is great for me – instant gratification.

I am now disabled.  I write, I do art and photography when I can.  I have the right brain capacity to create but I don’t have the left brain capability to sell my work.  But I am happy.  That is the key to life, no matter what other people tell you, you smile, follow your heart and be happy.


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