When the Fighting Starts

AmericanEagleMost people are willing to let others live as they want. But when they start trying to pass laws saying you can’t live the way you want or believe what you want – that is when the fighting starts.

Different parts of the country have to think differently to get their jobs done. simple as that.  The United States are just that, different states, who should be allowed to have some differences.

People these days just want to bitch and rile other people up. If you are gay then move to a gay community that will accept you, not to an area that you know won’t. If you don’t like stinking cows and other animals, then stay out of rural areas. If you are one faith and others bother you, then don’t live in those communities. You can’t go to another country and demand they change to suit you, so why do that in this country?  I don’t want to be like or live like the communities on the southern west coast or New York or Chicago and I am sure they don’t want to live like I do.  I am a small town girl.  They are big city.  As much as they want to think they are progressive and “free thinking”, they are not.

Different states are , well…different. That is what is wonderful. I don’t want a country that is the same no matter where I go. It saddened me when I went to Sweden and found a Burger King there.  There was nothing original there.  When I went to shop for something that was “Swedish” to take home, I discovered almost all the souvenirs were made in China.  CHINA.  The exact same stuff you can find in any truck stop here except with Sweden on there somewhere.  I can hardly wait to see if voodoo is still in New Orleans.  I want to be in awe, excited to see what is different, how history had shaped them into what they became.  Before we all become homogenized.  I may not believe or agree with a culture but that doesn’t mean I want them to change and I don’t want them to change me.  The world is a much smaller place than it used to be, most of the wonder is gone.  How sad for us.

There is room for everyone. Everyone claims tolerance yet bitches about everyone else, yeh tolerance.  Not.  It seems these days no one respects another opinion or lifestyle about anything.
I do blame our President for part of this, but the other part is on us. We can either act like adults and act right or listen to some airhead telling us what to think. Why can’t we like each other for our differences?

Ok, my soapbox is falling apart now. Thank you for reading if you got this far.


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