You say ADD, I say Right Brained

A friend of mine posted a link (see below) to an article about ADHD.  It is a funnier look at one person’s way to deal with it.

I had trouble all through school and I was told not to even try for college.  Now that is just plain wrong to tell someone that. They did not know about ADD or ADHD back then (yes I am that old).  Well, I did go to college and earned a 3.6 grade average.  I thought it was a fluke and thought nothing of it.  This earned me a way into a white collar job.  I was an Engineering Tech.  The worse job for me but didn’t know it.  I thought it was about drawing.  It is, sorta.  It more about math, ew.  But I managed to get my work done and not lose my job.

My daughter started having trouble in school.  The same problems I had.  She would forget her homework, her books, pencils, etc.  I talked to the teacher and asked for her to be tested.  I still didn’t know about ADD/ADHD, but  I knew something was different about us.  The teacher told me (on my mother grave’s, I swear this is true)….that my daughter didn’t have a learning disability, (here it comes)…she is lazy.  I just stared at her.  My daughter isn’t lazy, so I had the testing done on my own.  My daughter and I are both extreme right brained.  I was diagnosed with ADD, border line ADHD later on.  I still don’t know if they are the same.  BTW, not to brag, but I was later tested and have an IQ of 134.  I know it is just a number but it made me feel good knowing my teachers were wrong, wrong, WRONG! I went to college a second time and won a full scholarship and made the Deans list.  Actually got a degree the second time

Here is an example of what it is like being extreme right brained:  I used to come out of office meetings not knowing what the heck they were about because I was too busy thinking about more exciting things than an office meeting.  I did have a sneaky way of finding out – I just borrowed someone’s notes.  The only time that didn’t work was when I was awakened from my stupor by a direct question and an elbow in the side. 

I was like a deer in the headlights and all I could hear in my brain was “what was he saying, oh my God they have found me out and I am going to be jobless then homeless…..what will I say to my mom, she will never believe this.” Then my friend next to me pointed to something on his sheet of notes and I blurted out the answer.  The amazing thing…I was right!  The moral of this story?  Have good friends.

My advice to make it easier? Pick a job more suited to you. Get nice, patient and understanding bosses. I don’t know how I lasted twenty some years in that field and not get fired.  Oh wait! I did get fired once.  That doesn’t count it was more about him being a jerk than my work.  I do extremely well in my element, you take me out of that element, I panic and drown. I stayed at this one job for just under twelve years.  The woman who had tested my daughter and I said that was highly unusual for someone like me.  Extreme right brained people get bored very easy.  Maybe because at that job I didn’t just do Engineering, I sometimes did Architectural, Electrical or even Mechanical work.  I did get variety. but It was very stressful for me most days.  Right brained people use their left brain, but the left side does not share the information until it has the answer.  I did poorly in math because I couldn’t show my work, I had no idea how I got the answer.  I would fail Common Core miserably if it had been in schools back then.  I learned to use colors to help me remember and I knew I could not remember anything verbal, it had to be written down.  I had sticky notes all around my monitor.  We are visual learners.  The computer is great for me – instant gratification.

I am now disabled.  I write, I do art and photography when I can.  I have the right brain capacity to create but I don’t have the left brain capability to sell my work.  But I am happy.  That is the key to life, no matter what other people tell you, you smile, follow your heart and be happy.


My Neighbors House is Burning


My neighbors house is burning, all but ash now. As I walked over from my house, I was worried about the surrounding forest.

We live out in the country, volunteer firemen out here.  This home went up so fast it was gone before they had a chance.  I don’t know if it being a trailer made that much of a difference.

These people lost everything including several of their pets.  I was walking away when a fireman came over to tell the owner he had managed to pull two dogs out.  He did not elaborate on what condition they were in.

I lost almost everything I had back in 99.  Not as quick and violent as this was.  I had to work at not crying right along with the wife as she watched her life disappear.


I am not usually a fire chaser but this lady lived next door to some close friends of mine.  I thought it was their house on fire and I went to see if I could help.  While I am glad for my friends, I am heart broken for these people.  Tomorrow I will try and find out if  the neighborhood is planning anything to help.

When a tornado went through here two years ago, everyone helped everyone.  We are a small community and we care for and about each other.  

I took a short video, you can find it here:

I was thinking…about Slander, Bullying and Stalking

I got banned over a year and a half ago from Hub Pages.  I was fighting with my brother and his wife. All three of us were banned. Understandably so. I accepted my punishment. I went through my hubs and removed anything that could be remotely hurtful toward anyone.

I asked how long the ban was for, I never got an answer, but three months later I discovered I could publish again. This told me that my punishment was over and I had been forgiven and allowed back into the fold.

I am not quite sure why I was banned this time. I do know that someone who hates me very much came in and managed to get me kicked off. This was a person who had been banned herself months ago. I never had a problem in a year and a half until this person comes back (as several hubbers I might add) and makes my life hell again.

This happened last November.  I like Word Press, I really do, but I had built up a following and because of this person I lost revenue I had accumulated from my writing in there.

I never did any of the things she claims I did. I never wrote a hub about her until she wrote one about me. How do I know it was about me – she actually put my name in her hub, calling me names and saying I stole her copyrighted property. I did not. I repeated something she said in the comments. The comments are not copyrighted works of art. Though she felt it was okay to screen copy my works and send them to whoever she wanted. She also posted my private email address.

I do not understand how I was banned again. They knew I had been banned when they let me publish again. I had not changed my name. Why should I be banned for something they had already forgiven me for?

Can someone please explain this to me?

This has dampened my energy for writing.  I would like to get that back. It is hard to explain how it feels to have such hatred aimed toward you just because they think it is fun to do so.

This couple who claim I slandered them are the ones who are actually stalking and slandering me.  She put up on a local site that I threatened her with guns and knives.  She has told the world I sleep with anyone who will have me.  Is there any recourse to stop this kind of hateful behavior?  Isn’t what they are doing illegal?  I am not the first person they have done this to and I am sure I won’t be the last.



Four thirty two in the a.m., sleep eludes me yet once again. The wind outside is blowing hard, whipping the trees around. Rain pounds inconsistently against my window. A young rooster learning to crow sounds like someone pleading for help. Scares me at first until I realize what it is I am hearing. Late January yet the weather behaves like April. Is it the confusion in nature that keeps me awake? The unbalance in the air. I do feel a pressure waiting a release in my head.

I feel very tired but hard as I try my eyes will not stay closed. Do I sense unconsciously something is amiss? Am I so out of touch with nature that I have lost my instincts?
Do I worry too much about what is happening on the other side of the world? Something I have no control over. Am I worrying about what tomorrow is going to bring? I have to stay awake to see it’s arrival.

Could it be that I simply do not want to go to bed? Alone. Again. Except for my puppy and cat who are sleeping soundly. So confident I will protect them from harm, they have no problem nodding off.

Rain is again beating the window. Tapping it’s melancholy song. Driving rain wetting an already saturated soil.
Though it is raining the temperature is still a mild sixty two degrees. Odd for late January. I suppose I could wake up tomorrow to sleet or a frozen world.

If I had to be somewhere tomorrow I would be anxious about my lack of sleep, but as it is I can sleep tomorrow away if I want to. If it continues to rain that is probably what I will do. The world I know will be up to keep me safe.

The rooster is trying to crow again and I wonder why he isn’t sleeping. The sound is eerily mixed with the downpour. Something you might read about in a murder mystery. “The rooster crows before morning”, or something along that line.

I glance at the cat on the table beside me, smiling in her sleep. Content. The puppy on the floor beside my bed, all stretched out. No worries there. He hasn’t lived long enough to have worries.

One of my earliest memories is of my mom and my aunt sitting on the front porch steps talking. I was with them. I was only two, but I remember hearing them talking and not understanding a word they said. I was content watching a bumble bee buzz around me. I knew I was safe. I had no trouble getting to sleep then.

Five twenty in the a.m., I suppose I should give it another try. Put my burdens away for another day and hopefully dream of simpler times in my life.

Maybe when we get older we just know too much. The aches and pains of life take their toll. When we try to rest it takes hold because we are distracted by what we feel we must get done that day. Or maybe…. I just think too much.